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Private Investigations

On behalf of our mandators we accomplish investigations, searches and surveillance for uncovering of restaurant economics such as fraud, bribery, unfaithfulness or suppression, with theft or sabotage, with competition offences or products falsifications.

Enterprises are the most diverse forms of the white-collar crime both from the outside, and by interior authors, suspended. This leads mostly not only to substantial material damage, but also to immaterial losses, like image damage or impairments of the coworker motivation.

The private investigators of W.S.B.Michael ordered for the range of the Forensic services over specialists for searches of all kinds, for covered investigations and surveillance. Assistance of most modern technical resources we are to be compiled in a the position necessary court-usable evidence.

In the treatment of restaurant economics we orient ourselves to by the "federation of international detectives e.V." (BID) given international standard for private investigations and can fall back to the extensive network of the occupation federation in the interest of our mandators.

Achievements of private investigations

Companies and person information, uncovering of dummy firms, statement and proof of competition adversities or damaging actions/expressions (competition encroachments), examinations of business partners and companies

Investigations to employees, examination coworker, in particular with employment projects in higher positions of enterprises

financial and soil quality and credit investigations and development of special industry information

clearing-up of operating criminality and offences against operational editions for containment enterprise-endangering activities, who can be adjusted again, like shoplifting and inventory differences Investigations in cases of criminal actions (theft, fraud, suppression)

Investigations in the case of suspicion of insurance fraud or manipulation and investigation with suspicion on non-operational part-time work, patient controls,

examination of representative activities uncovering of competition and godfather right offences proof of insurance fraud proof of moonlighting,

Investigations in the civilian and criminal law

in particular in cases of failure of evidence for private people, companies and institutions in the processing person Investigation, address Investigations, residence Investigations, inheriting Investigation s, witness Investigation s, Investigation in before and affairs of partnership
keeping in track and preservation of evidence for the judicial use in the civilian and criminal procedure