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Corporate Crime

To the corporate crime no official statistics are present, since these are discovered either, are sometimes not pursued or are not every now and then also ignored.
Here it concerns criminal offences such as corruption, sabotage actions, material and goods theft, suppression or achievement fraud, which proceed from coworkers of the own enterprise.

Corporate crime, every now and then also coworker criminality mentioned, are the most important delikte, which cannot cause partially reparable damage to an enterprise.

Corporate crime is to be found in all levels of an enterprise, both with coworkers, in the management or also in connection with outside firms. Exists only times a suspicion are investigation essential, however the risk of suspecting without success places itself.

However already the fact that police investigation are accomplished, cannot one again good-close damage in the staff and at customers cause, if turns out that unfounded or unprovable suspecting were the cause for the investigation.

The following image-harm can be more substantial than the actual punishable action. Differently than the national investigation authorities private investigators can accomplish covered, in the background, investigations and surveillances.
While the police becomes active with a justified suspicion only, private investigators can with already with a first suspicion and being present an entitled interest to be assigned.